Are you a complete beginner when it comes to water bongs? Or perhaps you have iron lungs and have been smoking out of all different kind of bongs for years! Well, no matter what your experience, there are many bongs out there for all!

There’s all sorts of different bongs out there ranging from different material, to different filtration systems (percolators) and more. Some famous bong brands are – Roor, Black Leaf, Hurricane, G-spot, Weed Star and EHLE.

So Why Choose A Water Bong Over Any Other Smoking Paraphernalia?

When using a bong, the smoke passes throughs water – this has many benefits, including cooling down the smoke for a more pleasant experience, filtering out carcinogens which is a massive benefit if you think about it! Not only is the water filtering out toxins you don’t need to get high but it lowers the chances of you getting ill. You also feel like you receive a cleaner high.


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